When I returned from university for the summer I had a serious ankle injury involving both the muscles and ligaments surrounding the ankle. I needed some serious rehabilitation in order to get fit to play Netball when I returned to summer two months later. I went to see Scott for some advice and I genuinely don't think that my injury would have repaired itself in the way it did without him. Scott is a real specialist, and explains things well in order for you to understand.

Scott worked through multiple strength exercises with me as well as helping me gain my fitness back to where I was pre-injury. No two sessions were the same which was fantastic as it allowed my to go away and work on what Scott had taught me throughout the week, we also spent time on nutrition which helped me maintain and improves on my physical state in preparation for a tough season.

Scott would always push me to my limits without being intimidating or aggressive, and was always genuinely concerned about my progress, not only in the session but beyond that in my training schedule. I can't thank Scott enough for helping me to overcome my injury, bringing my fitness levels back up and preparing me for my season ahead. I am more prepared now than I would ever have been without him.

I highly, highly recommend him.

Megan Bailey

Chicago Marathon done. Another personal best in the bag too. I couldn't be happier. Think the training that Scott has given me has pushed me harder and stronger with this being my 3rd marathon now that I have done. My 4th is next, Tokyo in February 2014. Can I get a 3rd personal best? I think so but will have to see. I know training in the winter will be tough but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love which is running and giving it my best with help from Scott. So I'll let you know. 

Wayne Littlechild

"Scott Richardson has been my trainer for 9 months. I was doubtful about going to a gym, I was 76 and very unfit after about 5 years of ill health.

Scott has worked with me and encouraged me to get fit again. The exercises he has given me have been carefully planned and progressive. I look forward to going on cycling and walking holidays in the spring!"

Joan Shipley

"I have been training with Scott over the last five months. He is always well prepared for the sessions and no week is the same which keeps it interesting. Scott has been able to prescribe specific exercises to take account of past injuries and avoid re-injury. He is always very helpful and sometimes sends me articles he knows are of interest to me. I would recommend Scott; particularly to those interested in running, triathlons and anyone coming back from injury."

Vanessa, Tunbridge Wells

"About six months ago I decided to actually improve my fitness something I had wanted to do for a long time. I happened to see an advertisement for circuit training run by Scott Richardson. I went along and after my first session I was very impressed as well as feeling very unfit! I very much enjoyed Scotts class he was always very helpful and very knowledgeable and full of excellent advice. I found the class very beneficial and quickly began to see an improvement. After about a month or so I started taking my training more seriously and spoke to Scott about personal training and can honestly say I have never looked back! Firstly I spoke to Scott about exactly what I wanted to achieve as I wanted to start cycling again but knew I had a long way to go! Scott setup a training plan exactly to my needs which has been very successful as just after four or five months of training with Scott I’m now racing at a competitive level. I would never have imagined my fitness would improve so much in so little time, thanks to Scotts drive, knowledge and determination as a personal trainer. If you are considering fitness at any level I would highly recommend Scott Richardson as he is an excellent personal trainer and he will make it possible to reach and exceed your goals."

Mike Cook

"I have been training with Scott for 18 months now and I never would have believed how far I could go with my training and fitness. Looking back I would describe myself as out of shape, little muscle tone and a general lack of all round good fitness. Don’t get me wrong I had always exercised, being a regular gym user but I never really found myself improving and was always unhappy with my physique. You could say I was stuck in a rut.

When I first started out training with Scott it is fair to say I was a little sceptical about really how much I could achieve and if I would finally break the cycle of being unfit and out of shape. I can say now without any doubt that it really was the best decision I ever made, absolutely, 100%.

So what worked for me? Well Scott’s training sessions are never dull and will incorporate a mixture of cardio, weights and core stability. He takes time to build simple to follow personalised plans which work really well for me when I need to train on my own time. He clearly knows his stuff and will work out what is right for you, updating your training plans as your fitness improves or you reach your goals. He is a support and will always be on hand for training advice and to motivate. Perhaps the most important of all is that its great fun, training these days for me is not a chore.

I am pleased to say I am not that out of shape person anymore. In the 18 months I have dropped 3 dress sizes and 2 stone and continue to train with Scott, setting fitness goals I never thought were achievable for me. I completed my first half marathon just yesterday and ran the notoriously hilly Tunbridge Wells course in 1 hour 54 minutes and 33 seconds…not bad for my first attempt, and yes Scott was there cheering me on."

Samantha Reeves

"Three years on and a big thank you Last Month I took part in my first 10k run at Leeds Castle in Kent. Ok, I may not have won any medals but it was a challenging cross-country course and i achieved a personal best of 1 hr 8 minutes. Not bad for a 52 year old who was able to jog only a fraction of that distance three years ago. I owe a lot to Scott. I have been training with him sic e 2006 and in that time he has got me through two 5k runs and the 10k run at Leeds castle.

Although it may be a ploy that some personal trainers use to get results, Scott doesn’t bully you. Instead, he uses gentle persuasion and a lot of encouragement. The training sessions are fun, testing and never dull. Using different exercise techniques that focus on strength, endurance and core stability. Scott keeps me motivated and focused. He has also given me the confidence to run distances that i would never have tried on my own. I can also rely on Scott to ensure that my training programme is sensible and safe – an important consideration since i fractured my spine about 10 years ago! I can’t guarantee that I’ll be running a marathon in three years time but i know that Scott will continue to develop a training programme for me that will be every bit as challenging and fun as the last three years... Thank you."

Lesley Coates

"I joined LA Fitness, Tunbridge Wells in June 2008. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week and building up a basic level of cardio fitness but was not really seeing the results I wanted or expected to see in 3 months. In September I met Scott at the gym and he invited me for a free hour consultation where we discussed what I wanted to achieve with my exercise. For me this was losing weight (a dress size was the target) and building up general fitness levels and tone. I now see Scott once a week.

Scott put together a regular exercise programme incorporating cardio, weight and core strength training. He regularly changed the programme as my fitness improved and this also ensured that the gym did not become monotonous for me. We would also discuss diet and nutrition and a few small steps I could take to improve this .... mainly the alcohol consumption :-)

By Christmas (within 3 months) I had dropped the dress size - goal 1 achieved! So for the New Year I thought a new goal was needed. I am now looking forward to running the BUPA London 10k in May and Scott is helping me build up to the race - plus I am continuing to see gradual weight loss and improved body tone week by week.

Importantly it has been enjoyable journey when in the past I have found the gym tedious after a while, the best bit is I am now fit enough to get out of the gym and go for a decent run in the fresh air.

Scott is a fantastic trainer, great fun to work with, encouraging and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend him!

Maybe the Marathon next!?"

Vicki Haxton - Event & Marketing Manager

"To begin with I used to see him regularly but would give myself a break every so often and every time I was ready to go back he was always welcoming. I have now been seeing him once a week for the last 9 month or so.

I had nearly 4 stone to lose after having 2 children and not doing much exercise for 6 years. I’m now fitter then I was as a teenager. Scott has helped a lot in bringing focus and helping me realise that I can achieve more than I originally set out to.

A lot of our early work was focused on repairing damage to my back and re-building core muscles and stability. Now we’re working on my fitness and have been out running the streets of Tunbridge Wells.

Scott has always been encouraging in his approach and he has helped me break through many of my anxieties I had about exercising and being in a gym surrounded by lots of other people.

He is also very professional putting in consistent hard work by regularly updating my workout routine to ensure continued progress. He is always happy to answer any questions I have about why we are doing any particular exercise.

If it wasn’t for this and his flexibility, fun loving nature and enthusiasm for his job I wouldn’t have achieved as much as I have, I will enjoy sharing my future success with him."


"As an ex-professional dancer (west end london. musical theatre. Fame, west side story, etc..), fitness has always played a fundamental role in my life. My continued aim is to synthesize the benefits of health with a desired body aesthetic. Training with Scott allows me to utilize his expertise as a physical specialist in order to create a workout incorporating a sound balance between cardiovascular work and lifting - Ultimately, assisting me to effectively conceptualize the physique that I want."


"I joined La Fitness in June 2007. A year previously I had had a major operation, and decided that I wanted to improve my general fitness. I wanted also to increase my bone density, as I am 65 years old, and had had problems with shoulder and lower back pain. Whilst in the gym, I saw an advertisement for a free personal training session and decided that I would give it a try. Scott Richardson was my personal trainer, and he has helped me tremendously to become gradually fitter. It has made all the difference having him there to encourage me and to tailor my own programme of exercise, designed for my personal needs. Each time I see him, he changes the exercise regime slightly, which means that I am never bored, and I am seeing an improvement in muscle tone, and reduction in pain levels. As my fitness increases, I have more energy, and I really enjoy going to the gym now."

Jean Eames

"I have been training with Scott for the last 6 months after not exercising seriously for many years. I have now completed six 10k races and one 5k race during this time.

Even Scott would agree that I have made fabulous progress in the last 6 months and there's still improvement to come, which I know I will achieve with all the help I get from him. I'm now fitter than I’ve been in many years and with Scott pushing me on there are bigger and better goals to overcome.

I'm now in training for the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2008, something I would never imagined doing only a few short months ago."

Simon Elwen

"I got engaged in May (2007) and like every bride to be my thought turned to looking my best on my big day. I decided to go with a personal trainer to give me some extra motivation and keep me on track with my goals. Over the past few months Scott has helped me lose half a stone, reduce my Body fat % from 35.9-34.4, my BMI from 24.7-23.8 and tone up all my problem areas! I no longer have to worry about having ‘bingo wings’! As I have got so much from my session to date, I have decided to keep going after my wedding. Thank you Scott"

Roz Chaplin

""I approached Scott having been an active member of the gym for many years but with no real understanding of what I was doing or what I wanted to achieve. A few years ago I was very ill with a chronic blood sugar issue which resulted in suspected ME and me returning to the UK from living in Australia. I used the gym more for stress relief from a busy work schedule than anything else.

I was recommended Scott by friends as I wanted help rebuilding my fitness from scratch, one session a week for one hour, in LA Fitness. I want to become 'super fit' within a year, and with good nutrition and good exercises I have set myself a realistic goal that I need a trainer help to achieve. After a free consultation I decided to sign up. I have seen Scott weekly (sometimes twice weekly) for about 3 months and have benefited from a completely new and fresh way of looking at exercise. Instead of pounding away on the rowing machine I now do all sorts of different exercises including free weights, stretches and CV work.

My life has change and I feel and look like a different person. Scott gently builds up your fitness so there is no risk of over doing things. My body shape is changing, my energy levels have significantly increased, I look really well and feel so happy and confident. I used to feel terrible after doing exercise, but now I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it !

Scott is an excellent trainer who exudes passion for his clients to achieve their goals. He understands the mechanics of the body and uses this knowledge to give you the best possible advice on your personal fitness regime. He is supportive and understands the need to adapt his process to suit the individual he is coaching. He is honest, reliable and above all very, very good.

I am delighted to be able to offer a reference for Scott and have no doubt you will enjoy his coaching sessions as much as I do. They really are life changing. "

Nick Workman

"Having been off the gym scene for a couple of years, i had completely lost my self confidence as well as my shape! I met Scott when making enquiries on joining the gym again. He made me feel comfortable enough to join and i decided he would be someone that could motivate me enough to really get me back on track. His understanding yet professional nature has driven me to get back into "enjoying" my workouts and I am really feeling the physical benefits and have a lot more confidence in how i look. I throughly recommend personal training to anyone, whether you are starting out or need a boost in your routine.."

Kerry Ward

"As a fifty plus year old seeking continued fitness and health, I have appreciated Scott’s encouragement and support for more than 3 years now, which had ensured that I continue to make the effort to maintain and gradually improve my physical ability and stamina. But he is more than simply a personal trainer, he is a mentor and a motivator that I get on very well with, despite our different age groups, and this is one of Scott’s strengths; he gets on with all sorts of people. He even listens to my terrible jokes without complaint! You would have to go a long way to find a more willing and helpful personal trainer. "

Clive Norman

"I am delighted to be able to give a reference for Scott who has been my personal trainer since December 2006.

On October 24th last year, I had a acute myocardial infarction which I luckily survived, but left me with an obvious need to make my life a little fitter and healthier. I joined LA Fitness as a Christmas present to myself and also requested the services of a personal trainer. I was introduced to Scott and after explaining my circumstances, he quickly drew up an exercise program which we have stuck to for a year.

Under Scott’s careful eye I have lost about 7kg, have grown stronger and fitter and have reached a fighting weight of 80kgs with a 32” waist! Scott has really helped motivate me and has a great way pushing my limits without jeopardising my health. I requested boxing as part of my training and Scott was delighted to oblige sometimes combining it with jobbing, something I had never done!

As a result of Scott’s superb professionalism, I now sleep better, am more alert, more confident, less stressed and have more energy.

I now see Scott as an essential part of my week and although I may curse him when he demands a few more push-ups, I thank him in every time I run and catch my train.

Thanks Scott."

David Ditzel

"Scott Richardson had been my personal trainer for 15 months during which time I have benefited tremendously form his guidance, advice, support and motivation with regard to diet and exercise.

Scott’s training is varied and he adapts a training program to your specific needs and you can rely on his honest and fair assessment. Scott is always punctual and injects fun into your fitness program. Scott has a good sense of humour which makes the sessions enjoyable. Having a personal trainer like Scott has meant that for the first time I have actually stuck to an exercise program.

Before I started training with Scott my weight had been increasing and I realised my lifestyle had to change.

Scott had made a huge difference and the results have been fantastic. My legs are toned and shapely and I have lost inches off my waist. I have lost 2 dress sizes and I am now able to wear clothes that I never thought would be achievable. This had given me a feeling of extreme confidence and self esteem and I feel much healthier.

Scott will work with you until you reach your ultimate goal without being under undue pressure. The perfect man for job."

Vivien Archdale

"FAT - That’s something I have been all my life and thought I would be for many years to come. Then in December 2002 I had a brainwave if I can’t cut back the food then I have to increase the exercise. I found the key or so I thought. There was a problem with this whole exercise idea - I had to get of the sofa and actually do it - Now that was a challenge. It was no use - I NEED HELP!!!

So I contacted my local gym and decided I would get a Personal Trainer for a month - he could show me the ropes, motivate me and hey presto I’d be on the road to slimness.

Scott Richardson was assigned to me as my Personal Trainer and I cannot praise him enough in the support and motivation he gave me to achieve my goals. Scott was always willing to put himself out to ensure I could attend regularly twice weekly sessions with him and he pushed me beyond any levels I would push myself. Yes I was exhausted but I felt so much more active and alive.

My month’s personal training was soon 6 months worth and eventually I agreed that I would keep training with Scott for the full year. My sessions with Scott have taught me so much about personal achievement and what you can do if you focus and how much fun exercise can be. Each session I had with Scott was varied and Scott was not just keen to show me what he could do it was all about what did I want to do, what exercise do I enjoy and he ensured this was incorporated into my programs. It was about long term plans and not quick fixes.

I sometime cannot believe the difference my training has made to my life from someone who found it hard to get off the sofa I am now planning to run the London Marathon! Whilst I did change my diet throughout the training and followed a more balanced diet I would not have lost the 5 stone I have if it wasn’t for the support and determination of Scott within my training sessions and the guilty feeling he made me have if I missed a session.

Sometimes I think he wanted me to succeed more than I did!! Exercise is now part of my daily life thanks Scott."

Rachel Austin

"Scott is a skilful experienced personal trainer with a sympathetic, flexiable and caring approach to his clients needs and aspirations. I have benefited greatly from Scott's knowledge and skills. My leg now feels much stronger and I am fitter than i was previously.

I can throughly recommend Scott's services to anyone. You have nothing to lose and much to gain from consulting him."

John Baker (A grateful client of Scott Richardson)